Dear executives, here’s the deal:

Whether you are a product manager, who’s taking the lead in the long-postponed renewing of the brand’s packaging, so to increase the portfolio’s visibility and sales or a marketing manager, looking to optimize the cost of the design/print process and yet to achieve a great final product quality, these are the 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts that will pave your way to a more efficient package design solution:


  • Create comprehensive packaging guidelines. This is 50% of the job.
  • Find a devoted package design partner that will be a great value for money. This accounts for 25% of the efforts.
  • Take part in the process and maintain active collaboration with your partner to optimize the design workflow, keep the timings short and adequate and improve results. Those are the final 25%.
  • Plan well ahead for the printing process. This will save you 80% of the inevitable  difficulties in the design process.
  • Communicate on time the entire decision-making procedures with all parties. This will save you the rest 20%.


  • Don’t settle for a better package design. Inspire your team and partners to achieve the best final product!
  • Don’t underestimate timings. Always leave some room for changes, corrections and resolving issues.
  • Don’t undervalue the cost for design and printing. It’s better to pay adequate price and have satisfactory result instead of making the final product look mediocre.
  • Don’t start working on the design before you have the full technical specifications from your printing supplier. Bu ensuring you have all requirements in place, you will be able to focus on a more cost-effective design process.
  • Don’t finalize before you did your final gut check. If something doesn’t feel right, consult with your partner and make it better!

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