PackStream Your Packaging With Us

For the last 11 years our team has been building upon its experience with more than 42 international organizations so to master our internal processes and create a superior value for our partners in various industries.

PackStream is a result of Creative, Strategic, Project Management, Artwork and Client Service professionals that work together seamlessly, optimize package design costs and outperform the heavy design agencies.

Headquartered in Bulgaria and a subsidiary of gobox, one of the most effective independent creative agencies, we have redefined the standards for successful large-scale artwork production.

Artworks Delivered
Years Experience
Product Ranges Handled
Satisfied Clients


Accounts & Client Service 86%
Design, Lay-Out & DTP 96%
Project Management 79%
Operations & Quality Assurance 92%

A Team to Get The Job Done

Our team believes in the power of optimization. That’s why we are utilizing our own process management tools that enables us to deliver continuous quality results for our clients.

Whether you are creating a package design from scratch or you want to rebrand your entire existing artwork in a timely and feasible manner – our specialized team is here to help and optimize your total project costs.

Cutting costs through technology and management

Our extensive experience with packaging artwork production has allowed us to device new strategies in order to optimize end costs and time to market for new or updated products.

Via cloud-based workflow & data management, improved production process and structured teams, we've managed to cut costs for our clients' packaging artwork production costs up to 23%.

  • Cloud-based data management
  • Improved Workflow
  • Structured Teams

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