Areas of Expertise

Bathroom & Sanitary

In a global market, which is projected to reach $13.6b by 2025 but with low annual growth rate of 5% the efforts to compete with existing and potential players is ever higher. As various materials are used in the manufacturing of the products – from wash basins and shower accessories to toilet cisterns and taps – the need for different packaging solutions is emerging, that will help increase visibility and sales and yet optimize the costs in its production.

In our work for Ideal Standard International we’ve capitalized on our project’s team experience so to be able to produce a significant amount of artwork across 50+ product ranges. Check out the full case study and how we’ve helped the international leader in securing an optimized process flow for the rebranding of their product portfolio.

Consumer Electronics

Packaging in the consumer electronics has become an ever-increasing issue in the industry, focusing on the balance between marketing, logistics and sustainability requirements. Yet, those with the most eye-catching designs delivered to market most quickly often will win.

Therefore, we are currently specializing in an own process management that puts focus on the effective artwork and accelerated speed-to-market. With 10+ years of experience, our creative and engineering team has successfully helped numerous brands to strengthen their packaging looks and optimize costs. Check out the case studies section to learn more.

Machinery & Equipment

The market is driven by wide applications of information technology in machinery, technology innovations in machinery, and advancements in process control. The key players are combining specialized total product architecture, engineering and logistics to produce highly efficient equipment packaging, that is fueling the competitive positioning.

Our expertise here combines an in-depth knowledge of the machinery sector and its associated spare parts. Check our work for the CEE leader in material handling Veni & Co.


As pharmaceutical companies are ever more leveraging their products as a fast-moving consumer goods, we believe that the only way to compete is through a reimagined brand presence on the shelf. Yet the high-quality pharmaceutical packaging artworks across all product ranges need to be fully compliable with legal requirements that makes the process burdensome.

With experience with several industry leaders such as Sandoz, Servier and Bayer we painstakingly have created a working model for producing an effective artwork. Check out our case study for Dialgin to learn more.


In the world of FMCG, low-cost and sustainable packaging is crucial. There are thousands of companies, specialized in the creation of brand design and product packaging, yet only recently has merged the need for streamlined process and standardization across all product ranges, that cuts operational costs and ultimately improves brand recognition.

With our ease of workflow and experience with industry leaders, we know how to achieve artwork production excellence. Check out the case studies or send us your RfP so to start your packaging journey with us.