Chemax Pharma

The Challenge

Chemax Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturer focusing on quality, safe and affordable products. The company is present on several European and non-European markets and has a wide product range portfolio.

For their OTC product line – Dialgin, a new design solution was needed to differentiate further their drugs among the vast competition of painkillers.

May be the biggest challenge was that the pharma industry is extremely regulated and the markets for which the current product was intended had a very different legal requirements towards OTC products.


After assessing the situation, we focused on three different areas in order to execute the artwork strategy in the most efficient way and keep a production quality at the rates required.

Overall design distinctiveness and above average visual appeal which to ensure to products from the range will be visible enough on the crowded pharmacy shelves.

Legal requirements compatibility, which needed to be implemented in the lay-out design itself in order for a painless market transfer process.

Process optimization in order to handle easier the serious amount of versions required for the legal packaging approval process from the different government agencies.


After assessing the current competitors on the market, we came up with a solution that ticked all the boxes for the wide Dialgin range – a full color packaging, which is quite rare among the pharma industry, with a focus on colors overall which transferred the “painless” feeling. The volumes and the size of the packages allowed such strategy for the printing, without increasing the cost significantly.

Our legal research, directed us to devise the package lay-out in a way that will allow an easier exchange of the required information, depending on the market intended. That lead to faster visual legal approval and hence a faster time to market which is essential for the fast moving OTC segment.

Additionally, we implemented a versioning system that ensured easier artwork tracking and adjustments towards the ever changing legal framework in the pharmaceuticals.


Chemax Pharma is now featuring a unique product line design which generates sales on a daily basis and expands even to further markets.

The detailed lay-out design allows for a faster expansion to new markets, while the implemented versioning tracking eases the overall difficulties when the legal framework changes, which further decreases the market entry costs and frees up resources for additional activities such as marketing & distribution.