Loulis Mills

Concept Development Case

The Challenge

Loulis Mills S.A. is one of the largest manufacturer of flour in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. For their expansion in a new market, they decided to change their brand locally to reflect the regional lifestyle and customer values better and to compete more effectively with the native competition.

To achieve this they tasked us with creating corporate identity including fluid packaging artwork for their full range of B2B products, which needed to transfer the brand message across all the different kinds of flours, making it easily recognizable.

The task was challenging, because we needed to come up with a solution that strongly reinforces a new brand for introduction on a new an highly saturated market, create a unified overall visual feeling and yet keep the individual product specifics recognizable.


After helping with the brand name and crafting the logo, we conducted additional research of the local competition in order to find a differentiation point for Finmel’s packaging and assessed their approach. It turned out that in that segment full color packages weren’t quite popular, mainly because the cost for packaging production was higher and local manufacturers counted more on their brands which were well known, than the actual visual feel of their product.

We decided to go with a more visually dense option, because the slight cost difference of production wasn’t worth missing the opportunity to make the product more visible and appealing to the customer.

We also concluded that we should accent strongly on the brand elements in the packaging in order to make it more recognizable and reinforce its presence on the local market.


After a series of internal creative decisions, we created a full package design which contained a distinctive pattern extracted from the Finmel’s logo elements which balanced the package and made the design extremely noticeable and the brand feel contemporary.

To solve the issue with the individual product characteristics, we created a specifically designed color system which we transferred across the different packages to reflect the different types of flour manufactured. Then we applied the color map to all the packages in the range in order to keep them consistent yet keeping the overall fresh feel.


After our collaboration and thorough workflow, we finalized the concept for a whole range of flour packaging which would complete the Loulis Mills’ challenging task – to enter a new market with strong competition.

Concept Development Case