The Challenge

Turner Inc. is one of the few global leaders in the entertainment industry and a Fortune 500 company. With global operations and multiple well-know brands under their hood, it has proved that the entertainment business is definitely worthwhile.

Although entertainment is usually not directly connected with packaging artwork production, for one of their brands – Cartoon Network, Turner required a solution to use for various gifts sent to partners and third-parties.

We were tasked with creating a distinctive packaging that follows the strict guidelines and visual identity of the channel, while allowing multiple use and unknown future gifts sizing.


Our team needed to find a solution that reflects the requirements and keeps up with the fast changing reality and campaigns that required packaging.

After deeply analyzing the brand values and visual guidelines, we decided that we should focus mainly on the design and visual identity, while keeping in mind that the different packaging will be used for various items with various sizes.

Again, the lower volumes, since the contents are not products and don’t require constant turnover, allowed the use of multiple colors and patterns.


We proposed a colorful design, combined with a retro TV element which to speak directly that it’s all about a broadcast channel because all of the receiving parties were more of a trade people from the industry and not regular consumers.

The pattern we used in the lay-out allowed for the package to be transformed in different dimensions if required and also fast which is a quite important feature in the Marketing & PR campaigns timing. The overall design feel is colorful, yet keeping the channel’s corporate guidance and carrying directly the message of a kid’s brand.

At the same time, the easy handling of the packages and the overall lay-out which didn’t require market adaptation, helped to optimize the cost with larger printing volumes and less artwork handling.


Turner Inc. once again proved that the entertainment industry is not just for TV shows and PR but also for a personal attitude and taking it one step further when it comes to their own representation.

Thousands of people have receive the CN gift boxes, while the channel doesn’t put up a significant amount of additional costs, thanks to the artwork optimization and smart lay-out.

We have been partnering with Turner for more than 5 years.