Veni & Co

The Challenge

Veni & Co is a material handling equipment manufacturer with 20+ years of experience and operations stretching to 5 continents. The company focuses on the best quality of the end product on an affordable price.

For their Spare Parts division, they needed a fresh & fluid packaging design solution which reflects the superiority of their products and also the solid background in machine building.

While most spare parts in general are sold in indistinctive brown boxes, Veni & Co required a more brand orientated outlook, more optimized artwork handling process and exceptional quality.


We conducted a detailed analysis of their current situation and focused on two main areas – creating a visually appealing packaging and optimizing the product organization in order to decrease the end production costs.

In terms of design, a new approach was required to instill the product qualities while keeping all the necessary information intact, aligning it to product and safety requirements. The lower product count volumes, allowed to use more colors for printing which proved essential, while keeping the package production cost on reasonable levels.

Additionally, most of the products had a lot in common, so we also focused on optimizing the overall number of packages.


An improved design solution was proposed which reflected the company values while maintaining a clean, product focused and visually exceptional outlook.

Additionally, the packages were created in a manner that allowed an exceptional transferability of the design across the different product ranges which was an essential requirement for keeping the already established order flow.

We also managed to optimize the total number of packages required via grouping similar products in the same package and clearing out the information for them. Again, we implemented a cloud solution for an easier assets and communications management.


In the end, Veni & Co now have an exceptional packaging which to ensure their continuous presence on the worldwide market and to solidify their vast experience in machine building.

Our artwork strategy also optimized their packaging costs while significantly improving the artwork quality and overall perception for their products and for the company as well.

Improving the handling workflow made it easier to work with the spare parts portfolio and the design transferability ensures that the process can continue with the same pace in the future.

We are happy to work with a company like Veni & Co for more than 5 years.