Here are 5 tips for efficient rebranding of your product packaging portfolio.

Create The Guidelines

This is probably the most important factor in successful and efficient rebranding. The whole process relies on smartly crafted guidelines which will help align your updated design across all product lines. The guidelines could either be your corporate/brand guidelines, an updated version of the brand book or could be specifically made for the rebranding project. Whatever the choice, stay prepared that in your final package there might be some inconsistencies due to various printing peculiarities, but we’ll get to that.

Find The Partner

If you have already found the best partner for this project – you’re very lucky. If not – the choice is vast. From freelancers and creative agencies to international and highly reputable package design agencies, they all vary in their skill set and obviously their pricing. What you really need is to establish communication with the shortlisted partners and clearly define the scope, volume and actual process specifications of your re-branding, which will allow you to understand fully their competences and how they can support you. At the end, if it all comes to the best value for money and the level of trust that you have gained in this process.

Optimize The Design. Optimize The Cost.

The power of design thinking within a product packaging rebranding process is pivotal. Your partner must “live and breathe” with the inherited skill to optimize the design process by:

  • adjusting all the updated design elements
  • finding the best new version of the layout

Nobody wants overcrowded package design, yet you’ll probably need to include great deal of information in a probably more optimized space. What is truly needed is a collaborative assessment of what is important to the consumer so that what is left at the end on your product is what will help increase your sales. Smart optimization of the design elements and the layout will also create a smoother design transfer to all your products, which will inevitably reduce the cost.

Prepare For Printing

This is the tricky part and we have 3 hints for you: prepare, prepare, prepare!
Yes, you need to know what, when and how you will print so that you will not have to face numerous redesign processes, which will cost you a lot more time and money. A change from Offset to Flexo or making even small DTP variations may seem easy but requires a great deal of effort. What you should do is to insist that your printing partner will guide you well in advance through the process, which in turn will help you optimize your efforts in the whole project – from design and timing to the real cost of your package.

Communicate The Process

Evidently, the key to successful and efficient rebranding process is all about taking care of the prep work: creating the structure and guides, investing your time in finding the most trusted partner, optimizing the design process and its inherited costs as well as preparing well in advance for the printing part. Our last tip for you is to try to communicate the whole process from its very beginning to its very end with all the parties and to involve them in your decision-making process. This will only benefit the process and will reflect on the speed, quality and satisfaction of your results – your beautifully crafted new product packaging 🙂